Client Testimonials

Mr. Manish Agrawal

"I have been using Finex with the mobile app and I have found it to be very user friendly. It helps me take care of my business on the go and the data analytics are as comprehensive as they are important."

Mr. Umesh

"After the installation of Finex we have drastically reduced the number of NPAs as earlier due to manual error or the cumbersome pen and paper records we could not conduct the follow up fully and on time. Now it is the program which reminds us regarding collection dates and amount due."

Mr. Niraj Jain

"For me the best feature of the software is that to client history can be searched through name, phone no. or vehicle no. etc and within a click the entire history of the client is displayed on screen. Earlier we had to flip through bulky records. "

Hukmichand Ji

"Finex has allowed me to expand my client base. Before we started to use the software there was a limit to the number of clients we could manage but now expansion has become easier and we can reach out to more clients."

Mr. Anil Jain

"Finex allows us to scan the documents of clients and keep them in soft copy for easy handy reference. This greatly helps in client management. Also, auto-accounting means that i can take a look at my balance sheets at any given point and see how much of my money is in circulation. Income tax returns can be filed with so much ease now that it is unbelievable."

Mr. Gautam Kankaria

"Finex is proven to be a great beneficial investment for my firm. Extremely happy with the services. I can now effectively manage my company by taking confident decisions."

Mr. Raju Lunia

"Collection of my firm has increased after implementing Finex and it's all because of the various analytical reports which the Software generates. It helps me take better decisions."

Mr. Abhay

"में Finex सॉफ्टवेर इस्तेमाल करके पहले से बेहतर collection कर सकता हूँ और मेरे profits बढ़ाने में Finex का बहुत बड़ा योगदान है|"

Mr. Deepak Bant

"Recipt Printing, Document Management, Automatic Accounting are some of the life saving features included in Finex Software."