About Finex

Finex Web Application is a complete package for Private Financiers who deal with Auto Finance. It's a Loan Management Software for Auto Financiers operating individually, through their agencies or through a JVP with Shri Ram Transport, MAS Finance, Fortune or AU Finance etc. Finex takes Loan management from the manual, cumbersome, pen and paper records to a digitised, organized and extremely efficient way of conducting business.

It is a multi-user program which can be used by multiple firms of the same business and can be hosted both online and offline. Finex comprises of modules of Loan Management, Receipt Printing, Collection Reports, Reminder and Follow Up System, Automatic accounting, Client Document Management, Vehicle Insurance Management and in depth reporting and analysis. This Finance Management Software has the ability to generate more than 50 kinds of different reports and thus saves countless man hours in providing relevant information with a single click. Also, this means that losses earlier caused due to human error or oversight are minimised. In streamlining the business cycle it helps Auto financiers to ensure that collection happens timely thereby bringing the investment into circulation as quickly as expected. This takes place as the system informs the user regarding the installments a customer has defaulted upon and then also maintains a record of the payment dates in future that the customer promises for thereby generating reminder calls.

Financiers can take data driven confident decisions rather than hopeful, inutive ones. Accounting is maintained automatically and updated with every payment received and each loan granted. With the Client Documents all digitised there is no need to sift through dusty, heavy files. Further, receipts and even legal notices can be printed with a click of a button. Finex is very simple to operate and has a user friendly and intuitive interface.