EMS - Enquiry Management System

Client Testimonials

Mr. Kandarp Patel

"Features that work the best for me are Automatic SMS, brilliant Lead Management and eye opening analysis reports. Such features have helped to increase the efficiency and profitability of the services of my organization."

Mr. Jay Solanki

"We now manage enquiries more efficiently unlike earlier times. This has definitely resulted in more profitable enquiry to customer ratio. Our understanding of our own business and its strategies has improved."

Mr. Manish Dayani

"EMS provides not only better customer management but also better employee management. I can easily check who took how many calls in a day, what was the exchange each time and whether the enquiry materialized and if not then the reasons for the same are also evidently manifest."

Mr. Chirag Thakkar

"I didn't have to adapt to the system. They adapted the system according my my needs. My requirements were different in some ways from the generic software they had on offer. They patiently understood my needs and catered to them in good time."

Mr. Nihar Shah

"Excellent after sales support has been provided by Tap and Type. The system is simple to use, is extremely efficient and is perfectly to the point- no redundant features and nothing that is lacking."

Mr. Vikas Upadhyay

"I got multifold return through EMS as compared to what I had invested. Any smart businessman would invest in such a meaningful product. Client management and expansion of business are taken care of by the software in a brilliant manner."

Mr. Dipal Shah

"With EMS I was very easily enabled to find the advertising tool that worked best for my company. Each caller would tell us when asked, where had they gotten to know about the product and their responses have gone a long way to help us streamline our marketing strategies. "